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Preparing for Newborn Photo Session

If you choose to have your newborn baby photo session in your home as opposed to my Sarasota studio here are some pointers: We don’t shoot in every room. Typically I like to start in the nursery. I love to document all the adorable elements you picked out for your baby’s first room. Those are the details that add to the overall design you’ve created and I want to make sure we capture that.

Typically after that, we will move to either the master bedroom or the living room. This is mainly dictated by light. I’m looking for the room with the best light that has space for the whole family to cuddle. A bed or a couch is the perfect spot to gather everyone including the family dog for a beautiful portrait.


I have two children and I vividly remember the plethora of houseguests after baby. I completely understand how overwhelming it can be to take care of the baby plus entertain family and try to recover from delivery. So do not stress about cleaning. Like I said we are only going to be in two locations, so your entire house DOES NOT need to be spotless! In fact, if I see a spot I want to shoot and there is stuff in the way I will happily move things around to give you the illusion of a spotless house.


The first question I always get is what are we going to wear?!?!? Keep it simple and comfortable, I prefer solid colors.

The second part of preparing your family is letting them know what to expect. For Dad know that I will need 1-2 hours of your time but I won’t be photographing you the entire time. If you have other children then Dad will spend a good portion of time keeping them entertained before and after their turn. For siblings tell them that someone fun is coming over to take their picture. Feel free to offer bribes for good behavior, you have my full support!


Besides your newborn baby, you are the most important person in this session. You are the comforting arms that your baby will settle down in, you are the food source and if you are stressed the baby will pick up on it. I’m not kidding. I want you to take your time and have time to feed the baby as you get ready.


This part is pretty simple, make sure they have a full belly when I arrive along with a clean diaper. We can take breaks during the session for feeding top offs if needed. Have any special props like bows for girls ready so I can incorporate them into the photos.

Relax and be ready for a nice photography session!

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