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Newborn Baby Kyla

This is Mike and Marina's second baby girl. Marina brought baby Kyla to my boutique studio in Sarasota for her newborn photos at close to 3 weeks, I encourage moms to bring the babies in preferably within the first 10 days but at times it just cant' happen and we can still get beautiful baby photos.

The important thing is to capture these little ones that grow so quickly. Those first few weeks that become a blur with all those endless feedings, diaper changes, the sleepless nights and so on. The days all blend together and the next thing you know your tiny newborn is no longer a newborn.

So take a deep breath "Inhale the Moment" enjoy each moment you want to never forget.

black and white newborn baby photo
sleeping newborn baby
newborn baby in Sarasota
newborn baby girl
Newborn baby
newborn in mom's arms

newborn in Sarasota studio

Newborn baby picture
newborn with toddler cousin

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