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Matias Birth Session / Sarasota Birth Photographer

The birth of a baby is amazing! There is just no words that can appropriately describe the feeling of meeting the baby you have been imagining. The emotions are overwhelming not just for the mother but for all those that love the gift of a new baby.

The birth of my son was my first encounter with the experience. At age 20 I could not ever have imagined what I was in for. I would ask my friends about their laboring experiences. Everyone's childbirth experience was so unique from the others, but all agreed that labour was going to HURT!! Of course they agreed that it would be worth the pain and they were right on both accounts.

Since my sons birth, followed by my daughters birth I have had the privilege of being present at the birth of well over 30 deliveries. Each laboring experience is unique, each one amazing and each one very emotional. I wasn't at these births to be the photographer (omg!! I wish I had been!!) it wasn't the thing to do a few years back, I was there to translate in some cases, other times I was there just for moral support of family or friends. But now...I bring my camera! I offer Birthing Sessions as one of my options and I love it!!

The emotions captured are amazing! (I love capturing emotions!!) There is no posing, no makeup, no glamour, no props just the pure trueness of childbirth. The beauty of connection between the parents and the family, the joy of the birth of a baby.

Labor and Delivery Sarasota Memorial Hospital

Breath Corina, Breath

Baby Matias, meet you father

Excited Aunt

My Baby

Hello Mom!

Newborn baby at birth

Baby Matia in his father's arms for the first time

Dad and newborn baby at birthing session

Beautiful Matias first photo shoot

Birthing session at Sarasota Memorial Hospital

The proud uncle

Birth Session in Sarasota SMH

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