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Tween Sisters Emily and Allison/Sarasota Family Photographer

I have always loved photographing these girls, they are so fun and as far as sisters go they could not be more different. They get along so good, they treat each other with such love and respect, a rarity. Kudos to the parents! I love it!

This time the girls are not little girls any more they are tweens. (Tweens is defined as a time between pre-teen and teen.)

We had the photo session at an old building in Sarasota near my studio and took my old Ford Truck, Lola (one of my favorite props) and a couple other props. We had a great time, their awesome personalities were expressed with each click.

Sisters Photo session

All smiles and fun with these Sarasota sisters

Sarasota Sisters photo day

Photos session at old school house in Sarasota

Emily photo shoot

Pretty tween in Sarasota

Headshot of Emily

Photography Session in Sarasota

Sweet sisters photo session


Allison with guitar in Sarasota

Tween photo shoot in Sarasota

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