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Shania's High School Senior Session

I had photographed this beautiful girl a few years ago with her family at their "family photography session" at Lido Beach in Sarasota. That first session was mainly about her older sister and the family but this session was all about Shania and her love for horses. When her mom asked her where she wanted to have her pictures taken she answered without hesitation "with horses" and I was asked to find the right place for this high school senior's special session. Well, may I just say here that I LOVE HORSES!!! Although I am no expert with horses by any means, ever since I can remember I have loved horses (and photography).This was without a doubt going to be a treat for me and I was ready to begin finding a great place to photograph my high school senior with horses.

After searching different horse ranches in the Sarasota and Bradenton area I was so happy to come across Rosaire's Riding Acadamy. Omg was I beyond happy with the attention we were given by the amazing Ellein Rosaire, she went above and beyond to make Shania's experience the best! She is passionate about her love for her 51 horses, this lady is an unbelievable horse whisperer.

Shania's dream came true and I was thrilled to document it!

Horse with High School Senior

I love this connection with Shania and these majestic horses

Sarasota Photography

Shania's love for each moment was evident with each click of my camera

Senior Session in Sarasota

Sunset, a horse, a high school senior :)

Senior Session with horse


Sarasota High School Senior

So Pretty, and such a sweet gentle horse!

Sarasota High Senior

Shania was in heaven (so was I)

High School Senior with horses

in the field with many friendly horses and Sarasota High Senior

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