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Torres Family Photo Session

Bringing This family to my Sarasota was long overdue. We had tried on different occasions to make it happen and had to re-schedule for different reasons. (Life happens) I am so glad we were able to meet up for this sweet session.

Meet Legend, he is 9 years old and has a very warm personality, he plays the the piano and is in a Sarasota Chess Club and he fascinated with cars. Did I mention he is so handsome?

Legend, in my Studio in Sarasota

Among the bamboo in my Sarasota backyard studio

In the inside studio, in Sarasota Photography session

Meet Eowyn'Soleil aka Winnie, she loves balls, books her stuffed animals and Sesame Street. She is all energy and curiosity and so cute!

Winnie with her favorite Wonder-woman toy in Sarasota Photo Studio

Family unity is so evident with them. It was such a pleasure for me to capture these great people!

Family Photo, Picture Sarasota

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