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I had the privilege of photographing this awesome couple on November 11, 2017 in Brandon at a very nice venue called Center Place. We first met at the Brandon Town Center at the Clinique Counter in Dillards for make-up. From the very start it was apparent that emotions would be abundant, and since that's what I love most about photography I knew it would be my kinda fun.

Groom admiring his gorgeous bride

I had asked the bride and groom some questions concerning how they met and they responded quickly with enthusiasm.

Haley says that upon graduating high school in Florida she ended up in a small town in Illinois living with her grandparents. She met up with a group of friends and he was in that group. Micheal said "We just immediately clicked."

Haley says she knew he was the one when after living in Illinois for 9 months and having to move back to Florida and dating long distance for three years, "A little over a thousand miles from anything he'd ever known in his life. For me."

He says he can't explain it, it wasn't just one thing.

I asked about the proposal and this is what Haley had to day "I knew we were going to be married, I just didn't know when. I figured he'd propose within the next year. On September 2nd, almost 6 years together, he took me to my favorite restaurant. I remember him saying "You know I love you more than anything, right? I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You are the love of my life." I'm a spoiled girl, he tells me these things every day, so I really didn't think anything out of the normal. We were holding hands walking out of the restaurant, and he kept letting go. I thought there was something wrong, he looked so frustrated. He asked if there was anything I wanted to do that night. I told him I was tired and just wanted to go home. He said that he wanted to go to one more place, and took me to a park. This was after a hurricane hit, so there were tree branches and moss everywhere. Michael's really into looking for snakes and what not, so I figured he just wanted to look around. I had turned my back to him to look at something, turned back to him to ask him something and he was on his knee with the ring out and asked "Will you marry me?" (How sweet! I love that he was nervous)

He remembers thinking his plans had failed when she walked away from him asking "Are you serious?"

Sneaking a kiss at the wedding reception

When asked for one thing that you love most about each other Haley came up with several very endearing qualities: "He spoils me. He listens when I talk about the most trivial things, like work gossip and what not. Really listens, asks me the next day how everything got solved. He understands when I'm upset or exhausted and just need to be left alone, and he's always right there when I need a hug or advise or to talk. Any big decisions, we discuss. We may debate, but we always respect each other's thoughts and opinions. He honestly makes me feel like I am the most important person in his world. He's smart, so if I do something or say something that's not right, he'll educate me instead of making me feel stupid. He just spoils me. I'm really lucky."

Mike, on the other hand sums it up in your typical male way "I can't really explain, it's not just one thing. She's just perfect for me. Mike says he loves how Haley can be made to blush easily and Haley thinks it's endearing how Michael knows facts about cars he likes, she says he's a vehicle guy.

They were both looking forward to their wedding for different reasons; Haley looked forward to the food and seeing her groom's reaction to to her vows and Michael was looking forward to partying with friends old and new.

And that is what they did! The wedding was ideal, the food was amazing as was the music. But I must say that for me, the onlooker with the camera I enjoyed the experience of the emotions of the entire day!

The excitement for her sisters wedding day was touching

Josee in tears while the bride is petting on her wedding dress

Can you feel the love?

Sweet detail from mother of the bride
The pretty flower girl

the weather was a little scary, but it didn't ruin a thing

Bride and Groom in Brandon

Haley was such a happy bride

Emotions during Bridesmaid's toast

Father daughter dance

Tender kiss from the Father of the Bride

The wedding rings

The bride wore beautiful blue shoes on wedding day

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