Shane's Story

Each end of December Manolo and I have a little tradition, we sit out by the pond with our morning coffee and reflect back at the events of the year. It never fails, among all the personal happenings we recall theres always a session that stays in our minds as the most memorable of each year and beyond because as I have always said and believe "I have the best job in the world” and this job gives me amazing opportunities.

I know its only June and there is much more events and sessions due for the year but I have to say I met a little boy in May that will forever be an amazing privilege for me. His name is Shane and he is just one year old.

After booking the session over the phone with his grandmother; she told me “Shane’s Story”. Holly (the paternal grandmother) told me that when Shane’s mother was 4 weeks pregnant she had to be kept alive with life support for the duration of the pregnancy. I remember saying “you must have meant 4 months pregnant?” and she said “no ma’m, (with her very polite southern accent) 4 weeks”.

Holly, confirmed what I already knew, Shane is a miracle baby, and I was the one chosen to capture this very special boy’s first year session. He is beautiful and yes healthy and smart. He was born tiny weighing only 2 pounds and in the NICU for a long time. I am sure each day they are thankful for Shane and never stop reflecting over the past year of his amazing life.

I am so honored to have been chosen to capture these photos and so looking forward to watching baby Shane continue to grow throughout upcoming sessions, if I am so privileged.

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Fabiola is the photographer and Manolo is her assistant and so much more! He is wonderful at making the babies smile, he makes amazing props and a mean café Cubano. 

They met in Tampa and have lived in beautiful Sarasota since the late 80's. 

They are a great husband & wife team!

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Photo credit goes to

8-year-old Carter Shmidtt