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Sweet Baby

happy baby

This little guy showed up with his beautiful mom and proud dad last month. As with most new parents they let me know they have no idea what to do, I often hear from new clients "we have never done this before" or "this is the first time we have ever gone to a professional photographer". They may have been to the photographers you fine in a different setting (the mall etc.) but not the boutique type that is personalized for them that offer in my photography sarasota studio.

in Fabiola's studio

I like to talk to my clients either face to or over the phone to let them know what to expect and answer any questions. I realize this is a new experience but one thing is always clear when they leave...they are happy that they came and they had a good experience. This was the case with this family that as it turned out live very close to us in Sarasota. We had a great time as you can see with this very happy baby.

Baby in studio

Fabiola Fotography Studio

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