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A new addition

This year brought a beautiful gift to Melina; another beautiful baby girl, Jocelyn. I met Melina when her first precious daughter Quinn, was about three months old and have been seeing her each year after that. I fell in love with this sweet child with her first baby session. As she got older her personality was always a little shy at first but Manolo was always able to get her to smile, it was a given he would be at each photography session. This session was done at my Sarasota studio, they drove up from North Port.

As you can see Quinn is as beautiful as she is sweet...look at that smile!!

Now Quinn is a big sister, and loving it. As usual Quinn started a little shy but warmed up quickly and was so endearing to baby sister Jocelyn.

Jocelyn is so cute! All smiles and a very healthy appetite.

Proud Melina with her two sweet baby girls. I look forward each photo session to come.

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