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Baby Brother

I photographed Alexandria when she was itty bitty and the only baby in Janelle and Randy's life. They have brought her back from North Port through the years and I have loved watching her grow. When they brought the new addition to the family "baby Malachi" I saw Alexandria in her newest role "big sister".

Big sister talking to baby with love

She is so proud and enamored by her baby brother that she just can't hide it. And just as beautiful is watching how baby Malachi loves his sister, he watches her with admiration and seems to know they have a long road ahead together.

Photographers love sibling love

She loves stroking his head and giving him kisses. She insisted on keeping the blanket on sweet!

Mommy time with baby

Mommy time with baby Malachi in my Sarasota studio

playtime with baby

Baby in his first photo session in Sarasota

Daddy time

I was sad to learn that the family is moving up north, they will be missed but I am sure they will be loved wherever they go!

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