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Nyanna at Ten Months

The weather has been so inviting for a beach session, all photographers would love a chance to take photos in this weather. That is why I was excited to meet with Nya and her family on the beach for her ten month session. She had only been to the beach one other time and was so happy to feel and crawl on the sand. I have been photographing her since day one. She is a real delight!

Siesta Beach photo session

Okay Mom & Dad, hurry up so I can play on the sand and model for Fabiola!

Baby Photo Session in Siesta Beach

Pretty Baby Session on the Beach

Baby Beach portrait

With pretty white dress so happy to play on the sand for her photo session.

Baby Photographer in Sarasota

Baby Girl you are so sweet!!

Photographers from Sarasota

Doesn't get much cuter than this happy baby on her picture day.

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