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Exciting Announcement

This week I sent out the following newsletter:

I have truly loved the journey of being a photographer!! Truth be told some sessions have been better then others, but the vast majority have been great fun and I’ve been privileged to meet some wonderful people along the way.

Years ago I started with weddings. I feel honored to be entrusted with documenting one of the most important days of a couple’s life.

That being said, I always knew my true passion is in photographing children; from newborn baby to pre-teens. I love every moment I have with them. Ever since I had my babies I have always been around babies and children. And so, after several years of photographing many different subject matter such as weddings, pets, head shots (I have even dabbled in real estate photography) and more, I have decided to focus my practice on what really fuels my artistic drive, my “true passion”, babies & children. This also includes maternity, birth sessions and documenting a “Day in the Life”.

Not to say I won’t photograph an occasional wedding or head shot but my focus is going to be on my preferred genre. That being said I will be changing up my newsletters and website etc. to make that my main interest.

I am excited about this announcement that I have been thinking over and over in my head. I know that it will make it easier for me to not have to try to keep

up with so many other genres, in turn keep me focused on what I love.

“Every child is a story yet to be told”


So there it is...I put it out there! I have been contemplating this for a very long time and was so weary about this decision but I am really glad I made my main genre my true passion. Many thanks to all the beautiful couples that I have enjoyed photographing on your wedding day in the Sarasota & Tampa area and beyond. I look forward to hearing from you again when you have your babies.

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