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Enrique Jr. is here!

I was so excited to get the phone call from Jhoana from the hospital letting me know that Enrique was born. She wanted me to meet her in her home in Bradenton for his newborn photo session. This is her first baby and she wants to document as much as she can of her beautiful baby. I arrived with minimal props to her home, at first it was just me mom, me and newborn baby but shortly her sister that lives right across the street joined us with her boy, Rafael, a very proud and handsome cousin.

Happy newborn in his home Bradenton Fl.

On the kitchen table for his newborn photo session.

He is so cute!! newborn photography session

Very Proud cousin Rafael with newborn baby boy

Proud father with his newborn baby

We had a really nice calm session, making the best of the afternoon sun that came in through the kitchen window. I put baby Enrique up on the kitchen table and he was extremely easy going and calm. Dad arrived from work just before we finished, he was glowing and anxious to spend time with his boy. I was able to take a few photos with the two Enrique's. I will be photographing this sweet boy for his first year, can't wait to see how he grows and changes.😀

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