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Two Years Old

I'll be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect. All photographers hope every session is flawless?

I have been this cutie's photographer since before she came into the world when I photographed her mother's maternity session. When it was time, I was there to photograph the birth. A few days later I went to the family's home in Tampa for the newborn session. Since then, they come to Sarasota every 3 months for a photo session in my studio or at Lido beach. All that being said, Madysen is EXTREMELY attached to her very loving mom. Historically this has made photos of "baby alone" progressively harder to take. Here's what I got last November at Lido Beach...

With good reason, we were all a little nervous, not knowing how the next session would go. Today, however, I am happy to report that all of our collective worrying was in vain. They arrived midday with just two outfit changes, ready to expect anything. Fortunately they a great sports and have a great sense of humor! Madysen started out in the usual fashion, clinging to her mom. I mentioned that the best results I get with two year old toddlers is when parents are just out of sight in the next room and it's just the baby and I in the studio. She agreed we could try. Madysen's big sister was also there and soon, as the girls and I walked into the studio, Madysen was transformed and was all giggles and smiles! We were amazed!! All kids that age love to play. So we started out with a game of peek-a boo behind the sheer curtains that hang in my studio. It wasn't long before Madysen was proud to show everyone she was a little independent and surprised us all!! It brought happy tears to her mom's eyes when I showed her the back of the camera (I even wanted to cry).

YES!! SUCCESS!! Oh Happy Day!!

This made mom cry happy tears.


Independent...just a little.
Happy baby, happy photographer!

Happy Toddler, Happy Mom!!

Oh now your are just being silly!! Love it!

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