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I wish I had better photos of me when I was pregnant, I have a couple terrible ones put away where nobody can find them. I have great memories my pregnancies such as the first time I could feel the baby move and when the baby had hiccups, these moments brought feelings of happiness and anxiousness to meet the little one. Of course there are those horrible memories of morning, noon and evening sickness that I had to deal with for the first trimester…it was awful. I also had terrible swelling of my feet and all kinds of changes nobody told me about.

It wasn't till I actually had my first son that I realized how much a mother loves her baby, I saw and held my newborn baby and I was hit with that unexplainable emotion for my baby boy. It was not until that moment that I knew that the only thing that was more important then that baby was…well…nothing. He was my everything and only 13 months later his sister would also be my everything.

Maternity Photo on the beach

Maternity Picture

Yes I do wish I had better maternity photos. Nine months seems so long when you are pregnant but when it is over, its over. Enjoy it, document it, before you know it is just a memory.

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