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Ten Years Later

Ron, Karen, Olivia, Addison, Hannah & Lillian

Karen & Ron were married 10 years ago. They met through mutual friends, they recall that their first date was terrible but they gave it another try after a few months, that second date was much better.

Karen says it took Ron five years to ask her to marry him but she knew it would last forever!❤️ She says they are a great team, they compliment each other, finish each others sentences and share the same love for their amazing girls. Yes, 10 years later, 4 girls and still in love.

They also clearly share a great love for the beach and is the reason they wanted to be married in Sarasota. All though they live in Orlando they had their wedding photos taken on our beautiful Lido Beach in Sarasota followed by more photos at Selby Gardens under everyone’s favorite banyan tree.

They wanted to re-create those photos… fast forward ten years. I was asked to be the photographer and I am so glad that I was!! It gave me not only the chance to meet this loving couple but also to photograph these amazing little girls (and you know I am a sucker for the little ones). They were just a blast to hang out with. These children are all so different, not just their faces but also their amazing personalties.

We met at Selby, they were easy to find. Manolo spotted the couple walking in with four little girls and said “that must be them”. I photographed them under the tree where it all began but this time with what they never could have imagined 10 years ago...four little girls.

We finished up the evening driving over to the Hotel that they go to each year on Lido Beach in Sarasota. Hannah let me know that it was her hotel and that she loved it more then anyone. They had already been staying a couple nights in Sarasota when we met them there. They had been clearly enjoying the cool January weather and collecting lots of seashells that had been placed along the short wall in front of their room that faced the ocean, seashells that had been carefully chosen by the small hands that placed them carefully on the wall.

They have been coming to this same hotel for several years and plan on coming back many more years to come. These are memories the girls will treasure forever. What a beautiful family!!


This was taken under the Banyan Tree at Selby Garden in Sarasota.

Family Photo

Family Photo

In Sarasota under the Banyan tree.

Selby Gardens family photography

These four sisters love the chance to have their photos taken, they are not all camera shy.

Sarasota picture children

This is Olivia Anne, she is 8 1/2 and in the third grade.She loves to climb and play video games, she is an excellent swimmer and loves the beach and searching for shells.

sarasota photo

This is Addison Elizabeth, she is 7 and in the first grade. She is sweet and sensitive, she excels in ballet and tap. She loves to perform-sing and dance at home.

preschool picture in Sarasota

This is Hannah Catherine, she is 4 and is in preschool. She is funny and sweet, all giggles and smiles. She loves ballet and all things princess.

preschool picture

This is Lillian Frances (aka Lil Red) she is 3 and in preschool.

sisters on the beach photo

Tender moments shared by the siblings. She is strong and determined to be like her big sisters, she loves to run and play outside.

family picture

Proud parents and their girls

family photography

Lido beach, Sarasota

The four sisters sitting outside the beach front room sharing funny secrets.

sibling photo in Sarasota

This photo was taken 10 years ago by another photographer under "the Banyan Tree". Who could have imagined the blessings that were coming? Thanks for sharing, Karen! Beautful pic!!

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