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Welcoming Beatrice

Newborn baby Beatrice with panda

This beautiful Sarasota family contacted me (thanks to Google) to photograph a new chapter in their lives: the arrival of Beatrice. They wanted the photos taken in their awesome home in Sarasota. I love the opportunity to capture families in their own environment especially when there is older siblings and that is the case here. Eleanor and Olivia are excited to be big sisters, as the big smiles and giggles clearly show.

Dad is a math teacher in a local Sarasota school, the girls are sure to have great help with math homework (I could of used that 😜). mom loves pandas and has had all her girls photographed with this panda bear...I love it!!

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to photograph the newborn baby along with her very proud family and I hope to see them again!

Olivia and Eleanor in their backyard Sarasota home.

The girls hold sweet Beatrice in the living room.
Baby Beatrice swaddled in tv room ottoman.

Baby Beatrice loving the baby doll bed I brought to the shoot.

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