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"People Fascinate Me"

“People fascinate me. Their bodies, their brains, their emotions, their ideals, their histories, their choices, their dreams. Their stories. It all comes back to their stories.

Everything everywhere is ultimately a story.”

—Victoria Erickson

I came across this quote and realize this is exactly how I feel about people. I just love people and I love their stories. I especially love photographing people. One of my favorite places to photograph families is in their home for a “Documenting a Day in the Life” session. I really feel that it is the best way to capture “their story”, if only for a day.

Emma with my father listening to one of his stories in Tampa

When my granddaughter was younger she would often say to people, “Tell me a story about when you were a little girl/boy”. She had already heard all my stories and that of those closest to her since she would ask for them time and time again. People would respond with great stories from their childhood and she would listen with extreme interest.

Photos Session of beautiful children in Sarasota

Who doesn't love to recall fond memories of the good ‘ole days? We are all taking so many pictures on our phones and posting them to social media and that has it's place. I think it’s so important to make sure you have plenty of photos to share with your children. Digital is great, but nothing beats the feel of printed photographs that become timeless heirlooms.

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