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The Hendricks Family

Wow! Over the years I’ve had many amazing opportunities in the field of photography.

I have often said that it is the best job ever and this past month reminded me how true that is.

When a return client asked me to take their family portraits it came with a TOP SECRET catch; they were hoping to adopt a baby and wanted photos for the baby announcement, but wanted to keep it their secret for a little bit since there’s always a chance things might not go as hoped for. The photos would be used if all went well with the adoption.

Baby announcement photos at a park in Sarasota

Excited to be a expecting a newborn baby brother

I was so excited for them!! They already have a beautiful little girl, Maizy, and I have loved photographing her in a park in Sarasota. Maizy was so happy to be here with new baby brother; she simply could not contain herself as she held a sign announcing she would be a big sister and wore a shirt that made known her new status in the family. The resulting shots were just brimming with excitement and emotion and Big Sister was beaming with pure joy.

newborn baby with big sister
sibling love in Sarasota studio

Words could not sufficiently express the expression of happiness on their faces when they brought newborn baby Cash to my Sarasota studio for his first photo session. What a treat for me! I felt so honored to be one of the first to meet this very fortunate little man. He has a giddy big sister that insisted on playing dress up with her little brother; her own little baby doll. The parents expressed that it all seemed surreal

newborn baby with big sis in Sarasota

family picture day in Sarasota

newborn baby photo

Each session that I have the opportunity of capturing comes with its own story and each one is special but I am sure you can agree with me that this story, well… this might just be the highlight of my year.

A heartfelt Congratulations to the beautiful Hendricks family!!

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