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Madysen Rose

This little lady is very loved, after a long wait she came into the lives of her anxious parents delighting their world.

Her mother was ecstatic first of all to be having a baby and then to learn that she was having a girl. When most expecting parents are quick to answer when asked if they want a boy or a girl? “it doesn't matter as long as its healthy” not Maday, she was indisputably without a doubt sure that she wanted a girl and that she would name her baby girl Madysen Rose (and she would spell it M-a-d-y-s-e-n making spell check want to correct me every-time).

Madysen has had several sessions with me in Sarasota in her short life, but this session might be the most memorable. All her photo sessions have been carefully planned and the outfits have been well thought out. Maday lives in Tampa and wanted her baby’s latest session to be on one of Sarasota’s beaches, we went to Lido Beach with hope of sunset photos.

Staying completely in character, Maday had ordered a beautiful beach themed tutu, a photo of her toddler on the beach in a tutu was her goal. Seemed like a reasonable enough request …Madysen was not interested! Madyson simply wanted “mommy time” nothing else seemed to interest her. But once again “always in character” Maday had planned for every possibility. After all it wouldn't be the first time that her extremely clingy toddler would not want to part her with her mom. So Maday was dressed in a beautiful dress that would make for beautiful “mommy-daughter photos” and Dad would also join in for the family pictures.

Fortunately the tutu has plenty of lycra and stretches so we still have time before she outgrows it. We will try again soon. I look forward to it!

Madysen was not letting go of her mom for her photo session on the beach

Baby photo on Lido Beach

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