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How to Prepare for your Newborn Baby Session

Photo in Fabiola's Boutique Backyard Studio

These moments in your life slip away so quickly, before you realize it you have a toddler. Each stage of your babies life is so precious and photography keeps those moments in a safe place.

I have a boutique style studio in Sarasota prepared for newborn photos but the family home is always a wonderful option for newborn sessions. No need to stress about perfection, families are not perfect, the important thing is new mom and baby are relaxed as possible. Siblings also are less distracted in their own environment.

When preparing for your newborn baby's first photo session these are things to keep in mind:

1. How long is the photo shoot?

Newborn baby sessions are very unpredictable. You can be sure that you will not be in a rushed at anytime. Please plan on taking the time needed.

2. When should my baby photo shoot take place?

I prefers to have the newborn baby photo session as early as is possible, preferably before the baby is 10 days old, this is when baby sleeps more but if baby is older than 10 days, it will be fine as well.

3. What should we have ready or bring.

I love to encourage new mom's and dad's to bring or have ready a favorite baby blanket from home to use in the shoot. A beautiful blanket can add texture, color and memories to your newborns photos. As far as clothes goes; less really is best with newborns, I have wraps that I love to swaddle babies in. Feel free to have to have handy what you like but keep it simple.

4. How can I prepare for the shoot?

I love to include mom and dad's hands in our photos. Wear clear or neutral nail polish on the day of your shoot. Distracting jewelry should be removed; your baby should be the focus of the photos.

Bring a solid-color shirt to wear in the photos; we may photograph your baby in your arms and solid colors look great in both color and black-and-white prints.


Bring older siblings! I love capturing the new bond!

Newborn Baby with her big sister
Photo taken in the family home

Newborn baby in Fabiola's Studio

Newborn Photo taken in Fabiola's boutique studio

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