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Maria is 6 months

Maria was first here when she was a newborn baby with her very excited parents and sister. This time was also a celebration of sorts since Javier is back home after having been away working up north. He felt he was missing out on moments in his baby's life. So, part of the celebration included Maria’s six month session. Being "latina" myself I know that if grandmothers are in town they go everywhere with you (I love it). Since both grandmothers are visiting, one from Venezuela and the other from Brazil, we had plenty of help with the girls. We also got great photos with the grandmothers and a special “three generation" shot.

Both grandmothers with Baby Maria

As I wrote in Maria’s newborn post Javier and I go way back and I am so happy to document this very exciting chapter in his life. He is a wonderful father, so in love with this baby, he just cant get enough of her. Although I have not known Andresa as long I like her so much! She is such a down to earth girl, a say it like it is kinda girl. You did good Javier!

Happy father with Baby Maria

Happy parents with Baby on picture day.

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