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High School Senior


High School Senior in Sarasota

I asked this beautiful, soon to be senior to answer a few questions for my blog and I was so happy I did. I learn more about my clients this way and am able to write about their uniqueness.

I first photographed Sabrina when she was 15; her mom came to me with both her daughters for a mother-daughter photo session. This year Sabrina is working with me on my Senior Rep program

At age 17 Sabrina stays very busy, she just finished competitive cheerleading and is currently a Preschool teacher, she is also a staff member at her church all while still in school at Sarasota High School.

For her photo shoot she said she wanted “cute and casual” which describes her look quite well. When asked how her overall photo session experience went she sad “so much fun”. (for me too 😉).

Pretty Sabrina at her Senior Session in Sarasota

Her advice for seniors getting their picture taken is to “GO SHOPPING” (I love that) “and buy clothes that make you feel beautiful and confident”. She also suggest that you pick a theme you might like when planning your senior photo session, be yourself, don't stress and relax. As for hair, she suggest not try anything crazy that you have never tried “it might turn out bad”. Her tip for make-up was to try make-up stores as they usually do your make-up for free. All great advice.

Sabrina brought with her about 10 outfits, she wore about 5 but, as she says, more is better and it was great to have plenty of options. I agree with her and loved the different looks she had, from heels to cowboy boots.As for accessories, she says she brought every accessory she owns. She didn’t, however, bring any props. I encourage props if you are participating in a sport or play an instrument then by all means bring what you like and we will incorporate it into your picture.

At Fabiola Fotography backyard studio.

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