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Beach Photos Done a Little Different

I have been staying busy in my beautiful hometown getting aquatinted with the local beach hotels and letting them know about me. I enjoyed partnering with them in the past offering their guests a great deal for a photo session. I find that, when on vacation, families are much more carefree and even though a photo shoot just before dinner or in the morning wasn't always in their plans, many guests (usually moms) love the idea. After all, who doesn't feel fabulous with a great tan?

Family vacationing on Siesta Beach

This year I also want to incorporate “Documenting a Day in the Life” for vacationers who value the art of photography as much as I do and want to remember their Sarasota getaway.

I spend a few hours capturing your family at their best, children are always happy on vacation, especially with the beach and a pool nearby.

Fun girls having fun on mini vacation at Siesta Beach

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