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I am a self proclaimed prop junkie. I can’t look at a basket, bucket, or bowl without thinking “Will a baby fit in that?” I love to peruse fabric stores for possible backdrops. Garage sales can be great for fun stuff to incorporate into a high school senior, baby or family session. I have had to reign in my obsession though, mainly due to lack of space. I’ve recently put into practice the “one in one out” rule. So if I buy a new prop an old one has to go.

That being said, I have a new and amazing prop that I am extremely excited about…wait for it…a 1978 blue Ford pick-up truck (just writing about this me makes me giddy inside). This was my son’s baby, but he wanted to sell to make room for a new baby… a 2016 Toyota Tundra.

photo taken a couple years back of my son and his family in the truck in Sarasota

Latest photography prop, I love it!!

I am anxious to put my clients in this classic for a fun family, senior or baby session. Baby blue looks great on anyone!! She’s a beautiful old girl and her name is Lola.

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