The Weimers

Tamara brought her girls to me for a photo session in my Sarasota studio about a year ago. Her baby girl Isabella was just months old.

I was so happy to hear back from her as she had decided to have family photos taken at our local Sarasota beach. She was also bringing along her sister-n-law to help out with the baby who is now 2 (going on 13). Tamara assured me that Isabella was going to be fun to photograph and that was surely an understatement. That baby had me laughing so much I was afraid I was not going to be able to keep my camera from shaking. She loves the camera and just seems to think that the whole world is her stage. Just gorgeous!!

Ariella, is such a sweet girl and so beautiful. She is obviously in love with her baby sister.

I was so happy that they were willing to make the drive from Ellenton to Sarasota for their family photo session.

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Fabiola is the photographer and Manolo is her assistant and so much more! He is wonderful at making the babies smile, he makes amazing props and a mean café Cubano. 

They met in Tampa and have lived in beautiful Sarasota since the late 80's. 

They are a great husband & wife team!

Read Fabiola's bio in the


Photo credit goes to

8-year-old Carter Shmidtt