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I have blogged about Maria a few times already and that is because she keeps coming back for family and baby pictures. She is the proud mother of four children and she loves pictures, that is a great recipe for an amazing client. And wait theres more… her first three are boys and the baby is a girl.

Siblings for picture day in Sarasota

I love how some moms go absolutely gitty when they get their girl (me included). I remember after I had my son and then was pregnant with #2 (three months later…I know that was crazy) feeling like I could never have a girl. We chose to not find out what we were having prior to the delivery and what a surprise…A GIRL! I had not even thought of any girl names, I was so sure I was having another boy, it just seemed that a girl would be too good to be true. That is the way many of the moms of newborn baby girls feel when they come to me for their photo sessions.

Baby at her six month photo session

Maria brings baby Anayla to me with the cutest outfits. This time she brought the boys back also and had them in the very classic Mexican “Charro" outfits and OMG were they ever ridiculously cute!! She already has outfits planned for the next session…can’t wait to see what she comes u with.☺️

"Los Charros"

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