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High School Senior Session

Cassandra Castro

Class of 2016

in my Sarasota studio with high school senior

I photographed Cassy’s sister when she was a high school senior a few years back. She also graduated from Sarasota High School. Cassy is one of seven pretty awesome siblings that I have come to know throughout the years. They are all so polite and respectful not to mention pretty darn good looking!

When it was decided that Cassy was to have her senior photos taken by me I met with her and she had blue hair, I wondered if she would keep it blue for her session and sure enough she did. I was glad that she decided to go with what she loves and she loves her blue hair, so why not?

in my Sarasota studio with high school senior
Sarasota has more than just beautiful beaches. This is an old train we found.

I encouraged her to bring a friend as I often do and she brought Elisa, who as it turns out is also her manager and dearest friend.

BFF Elisa was great to have with us and she is a beautiful model.

We started in my Sarasota studio for a few shots in her long flowing skirt. I had a crown made with colorful flowers that went along with her "hippy look". She looked radiant! Then she changed into a more casual dress and we went out on the town to spots I had scouted out earlier. We found an old abandoned sail boat that was just amazing, full of color and character. I loved it and so did the girls!

I was skeptical that it might fall apart on us but the old girl held up and we had some pretty amazing shots.

Next to the downtown area, where the flowers had fallen off a gorgeous tree and was a carpet of yellow on the ground that I was happy to have her sit on (it looked great with her blue hair).

Ending in Burns Court where we looked for more fun spots. I was surprised to learn that Cassy and Elisa had never been to that area of Sarasota although they were both born in Sarasota. They planned on returning for a fun evening another day.

Congratulations Cassy!!

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