Newborn Baby Session

Introducing...Juliet Reyna Bautista

The parents of this sweet baby girl are Josue and Jessenia. I photographed their fun wedding several years ago. I knew each of them separately long before they were a couple. They both went to Sarasota High School and had the same group of friends and, after each one went through their own ups and downs, they eventually started to date. I will have to write a blog about these two separately, but for today my focus is on this sweet new addition, Juliet.

Photo day went very well, Juliet was wonderful. She just had to be fed once and she was back to modeling for me. The oldest sister Janessa was picked up from school where she was on patrol duty and was ready with great smiles; always willing to lovingly hold the baby for her pictures. Josia… well he is all of two years old; with some patience he did a wonderful job during the sibling part of our photo session.

They had the pictures taken at my Sarasota backyard studio that has had a resent addition: a great deck (that I am actually enjoying this very moment as a type) in the shade. I think I love it much more then I thought I would. Juliet liked it too as she slept on a banana leaf that I cut down from one of my trees for her session.

I look forward to watching this little peanut grow surrounded by her loving family

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Fabiola is the photographer and Manolo is her assistant and so much more! He is wonderful at making the babies smile, he makes amazing props and a mean café Cubano. 

They met in Tampa and have lived in beautiful Sarasota since the late 80's. 

They are a great husband & wife team!

Read Fabiola's bio in the


Photo credit goes to

8-year-old Carter Shmidtt