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Javier, Andresa, Julia and introducing: Baby Maria

Happy Dad with baby girl

Javier and I worked together many years ago at Olive Garden. I was the new server and he was the bubbly busser that soon after became an fantastic server. He was always full of energy and laughter, just a fun guy over all to be around. He was always so kind and helpful to me while we worked together. We remained in contact through the years, getting together on rare occasion. I have always known that Javi wanted to be a father and I was so happy for him when I learned that his wife Andresa was expecting. I could sense his his big contagious smile through the phone when he called me to give me the news.

I was especially pleased to be asked to photograph his sweet baby girl, I really wanted to take this opportunity to photograph this new father's contagious happiness.

Newborn Baby Girl

Sweet Baby

Newborn Baby

Newborn with Dad

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