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Two year old Emma discovering her shadow

Our beautiful Emma came into our lives 9 years ago. She is our son Daniel’s daughter. We were thrilled to become grandparents and what a adventure it has been with baby Emma. We certainly loved this new role from the start. I also loved seeing my son take on the role of father, he has always liked children but now seeing him be enamored by his very own baby girl was definitely a first. He and his wife Jen were going to be learning all kinds of very new and challenging things. Emma was not a particularly easy baby, but she sure was cute.

I was blessed to be able to help with her often and I loved every minute. As a photographer I loved the chance to photograph that baby every chance I got and as she grew she actually came to love the camera and the chance to be my model. She would actually suggest poses and outfits and she even pretended to be a photographer in my studio and she would line up her stuffed animals and pretend to be the photographer.

Playing in our backyard was always a thrill for her, her imagination had no limits the whole backyard was Africa and she was an animal tamer or more like Dr Doolittle, the pretend animals were everywhere from lions to birds, they all heeded her every command and I was always afraid of them but Emma was brave and assured me all the animals would listen to her and not hurt me. At times we would play that she was a lost little girl in Africa and I was a photographer that found her and gave her a place to live and a plate of black beans and rice (very abundant in this cuban home and Emma loves it). Wouldn't that be so cool, not to find a lost little girl but to be a photographer in Africa??

There are many favorite memories and many many more to come, here is just a few that I have captured in my photos;

Playing in the rain

Seven years old "The photographer for Lady and the Tramp"

My model

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