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Deborah, Josh & Caleb

I have been photographing this beautiful family since Caleb was born and loving it! They have quite a drive to come to my Sarasota studio from the Tampa area but they always arrive happy and all smiles and ready for a fabulous session. Josh and Deborah waited over 20 years to have their first baby and they quickly adjusted to being parents, they lovingly care for their beautiful boy together so cheerfully.

This year Caleb’s maternal grandparents came along and we met at my Photo Studio and took a few pictures here and then drove to near by Sarasota park where we walked around the park and had a wonderful time capturing the family being themselves, loving and cooing their baby boy. Caleb happily walks around all smiles and loving all the attention from his parents and grandparents who are just overjoyed with this little man.

I really appreciate it when families are willing to make the drive to Sarasota for a photo session and then when the came again year after year I am flattered. Thank you Sanchez family!

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